How to use interpretation of Indicators?

What does it mean?

According to the rules of use of technical indicators, the situation reflected by the indicators is visually presented to investors through graphical means.


Overall conclusion

According to the 12 indicators, the overall indicators are displayed through the dashboard, and the interpretation of the text in different states is given, while supporting different time periods.

Single indicator

Support to view the details of each indicator, including the name of the indicator and the current status, and count the rise and fall of the stock when the same indicator signal appears in the past year.

Field definition

a)Serious overbought: a risk indicator signal indicating a higher short-term risk.

b)Overbought: The early warning indicator signal indicates that the trend is relatively bearish.

c)Neutral: The indicator signal is not obvious, indicating that the trend is not clear.

d)Oversold: Positive indicator signals indicate that the trend is relatively positive.

e)Serious oversold: A good indicator signal indicates that there may be a chance of rebound in the short term.

f)Fall%: numbers of falls/total.