moomoo Community Standards

Moomoo is an interactive community on the moomoo platform where users can share valuable educational information, views, and ideas about stocks and markets. It's a place where users can share moments, posts, stock reviews, comments, chats, live streaming, videos, courses and other subforums ("content"). Please note that the content is not moderated Futu Inc. or its registered representatives. 


Although disagreement and debate about the securities and securities markets are generally encouraged, moomoo is committed to promoting an atmosphere of mutual respect in the community and has prohibited content that includes violence, abuse, threats, harassment, and intimidation. To help ensure the best experience of users, moomoo has developed Standards for acceptable content. The following rules highlight unacceptable behaviour. Violations of the Standards may result, among things, the deletion of a user’s content or a permanent suspension of a user’s Moomoo account.


General provisions

The following behaviours are not permitted:


Violence and harassment

Users may not post content that threatens a person or a group of persons. Violations of this rule include, but are not limited to:

  • Content that threatens to kill or cause bodily harm;
  • Content that solicits services to kill or cause bodily harm.
  • Content that threatens to sexually assault someone;
  • Content that is derogatory or racist or that uses hate images or symbols;
  • Content that uses words or other expressions to advocate violence;
  • Content about terrorism, terrorists and terrorist organizations;
  • Content that involves suicide and self-injury;
  • Content intended to harass, bully, or abuse;
  • Content that humiliates or ridicules others is prohibited;


Vulgar and Pornographic Content  

Vulgar and pornographic content is prohibited. Violations of this policy include, but are not limited to:

  • Content that includes explicit sexual acts or fetishes, as well as images of nude or semi-nude people;
  • Content that contains sexually suggestive gestures;
  • Content that constitutes or promotes inappropriate interaction with minors;


Commercial activity

  • Content may not commercial in nature. Users may not offer to sell or offer to buy anything on the Moomoo community. Offers to sell-buy contraband may be reported to appropriate authorities. Prohibited content includes:
  • Content offering consulting services to users on third-party platforms;
  • Content offering offline paid seminars, salons, training and other activities.


Personally identifiable information

Users may not share personal information on the community. Violations of this policy include, but are not limited to:

  • Content that mentions home address or physical location information;
  • Content that includes government-issued ID cards and social security or other national ID numbers;
  • Content that indicates contact information or email address;
  • Content that mentions bank account or credit card details;
  • Content that mentions biometric data or medical records;
  • Content that collects or stores other users’ personally identifiable information without permission;


 Personal gain

Users must abide by the laws and regulations of the securities industry and refrain from posting content with the intention of personal gain. Violation of this standard includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Content posted with an intent to move a stock;
  • Repeatedly posting of overly positive or overly negative comments about a stock without new substantive information;
  • Spreading false rumors about a stock;
  • Linking to websites that host content manipulate stocks;
  • Content that contains non-public information;


Criminal Activities

Users may not promote criminal behavior. Content that appears to involve admissions of criminal activity may be shared with appropriate authorities.

  • Content that is potentially malicious or that links to third-party websites to forge jump links, such as phishing websites, trojans, virus websites.



Users or display names may not be abusive or vulgar.

  • Users may not operate a Moomoo community account on behalf of another user;
  • Users may not misrepresent their identity or impersonate another person;
  • Content that contains links to offers from other securities trading platforms is prohibited.


Intellectual property

  • Users may not infringe on any intellectual property rights, such as copyright and trademark;
  • Users may not use Moomoo’s name, logo or trademark in a way that confuses people (Learn more about our copyright policy and trademark policy).



Content is reviewed by community managers for violative behavior through proactive discovery. Users may use the "Report" function in Moomoo to report suspected violations and users. Community managers may:

  • Issue warnings, , remove content without notice, or—depending on the severity of the violation—suspend users either on a temporary or permanent basis;
  • Moomoo may report violation of the Community Standards to appropriate law enforcement or regulatory authorities as deemed necessary.



  • The content published and views expressed by users are solely those of the users and do not represent the views of Moomoo, Futu, or any of its affiliates or employees. Users are solely responsible for their content and bear all responsibility and liability for all disputes arising therefrom.
  • Moomoo does not endorse any content on the Moomoo community. Moomoo does not assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the content on moomoo community.
  • Content—other than that related to Moomoo community support services—posted by Moomoo employees does not represent the views of Moomoo, Futu, or any of its affiliates.