Calculate the market value and profit and loss of open positions by using pre-open/post-market market prices

You can set the pre-open and post-market prices to calculate the market value and profit and loss in these two time periods (used/not used), but based on risk control reasons, and also refer to the industry’s handling methods, in the pre-open and post-market stages (the table below Green part), Futu will use the pre-open/post-market price to calculate margin, so this setting is only used to show the market value and profit and loss of your positions.







Market Price




00:00 - 04:00(T)


(T-1)closing price




04:30 - 09:30(T)


Depends on your choice

Used: T pre-open price

Not used: (T-1) closing price


Trading time


09:30 - 16:00(T)


T trading price




16:00 - 20:00(T)


Depends on your choice

Used:T post-market price

Not used:T closing price




20:00 - 24:00(T)




00:00 - 04:00(T+1)


T closing price